Formation; Award Winning Book


British Book Design & Production Awards
Generation Press ‘Formation’
Winner! best Digitally Printed Book Award 2015

BPIF chief executive Charles Jarrold used last week’s 2015 British Book Design & Production Awards (BBD&PA), which generated a record number of entries, to highlight the resurgence of the printed book.

“The awards acknowledge those in the industry that continue to innovate, pushing boundaries, and embracing new technologies and sometimes taking risks to drive the industry forward.”

He also highlighted the “renaissance” that has occurred in the book industry partly driven by the industry’s ability to produce shorter runs, offering publishers more flexibility and enabling them to better respond to the market.

Formation is the recreation of a highly technical six-day shoot undertaken for the Adidas 2014 World Cup campaign. This limited edition book celebrates the collaboration between photographer Tim Saccenti, designer Ed Sullivan from FITCH and printers Generation Press.


White ink on black stock creates an innovative and striking contrast to what could normally be expected from print: the white ink recreates the light and the laser cut pages reform the patterned projections.

FITCH_ed_02 FITCH_ed_03

Laser cut pages reform the patterned light projections used in the shoot, representing the patterns of the different Adidas Battlepack boots and the players’ transformation into warriors on the pitch.


Pages are annotated with each player’s name, nation, the location of the shoot and the shoot selection.


The typeface was designed to represent the shoot. It was crafted using the discipline of football formations as its foundation. The design system recreates and unifies the boots’ pattern creating a consistent World Cup language.


A limited run of 100 copies has been produced.


“its a self initiated piece of work by Tim and I to celebrate/document the more challenging images shot during the campaign, the unchosen ones, the concept, design and my font design have solely been created for this now limited edition collectors book…”
“every bugger whose seen it wants one, if we could sell we’d make a bloody fortune!?!!”
— Ed Sullivan

Design: Ed Sullivan From Fitch
Photography: Timothy Saccenti
Print & Production: Generation Press
Paper: GF Smith Colorplan Paper
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