I Wonder What it’s Like to be Dyslexic?


One of our favourite projects of 2016 was a book we worked on with Sam Barclay called ‘I Wonder What it’s Like to be Dyslexic?’


Words From Sam—

The book I have created gives people an experience of what it feels like to struggle with reading through various typographic and language experiments, in the hope that people who do struggle will be better understood and have the chance to excel in ways that makes sense to them. 

Printers are always a fun place to visit with any project but making a visit to these chaps is a must when working with them. The setting is B-E-A-UTIFUL, along with a lot of welcoming and passionate faces, and a damn good brew!


Working with Generation Press on my book was a ruddy delight. They not only strived for quality on the print quality but also gave friendly and extremely helpful advise on what they saw would beneficial in quality and cost. This made the creation of the physical book feel very much like a collaboration with Generation Press in a way that I felt they cared as much if not more than I did to help with process they go through that I didn’t know of to get the best possible results. 



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