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Words by Michael C. Place — Studio.Build

Ten years. 3650 days. 87,600 hours. 5,256,000 minutes…and a lot of seconds. Thats how long we have been working together. Generation Press & Studio.Build. A team. A symbiotic relationship. Built on friendship, trust and beer. We love working with the boys and girls down in Poynings. Every project we have done with them has been a true collaboration. Both sides learning from the other…and a lot of fun. We all need a bit of fun in our lives, in our working lives even more.

So yeah, a long time. Both our businesses have had their ups and downs, and we got through those times together. Working together.

We started the process of redesigning our new website about a year ago. 365 days. Its tough designing work for yourself. But we did it, the site has launched and to celebrate the launch we wanted to produce a piece of print to give out to friends, clients and prospective clients. A little gift. We decided to do something we hope people would find useful (and beautiful). A note book, or as we call it a Note.Book. We spoke to Scrub at Generation Press about it. He said yes of course, and the adventure began.


Generation Press are big on sustainability. They don’t just talk about it, they do it. We talked about how we could produce the in a sustainable way. They suggested we make use of stock they had in the warehouse, lets try to not order fresh stock in. Lets try and use up what we have? So thats what we did. We loved it.

So GP did an audit of stock, they suggested stocks for different sections of the and how we could produce it using the minimum of freshly ordered materials. As a designer I tend to try and control as much of the process as possible. But there was something really refreshing about letting go. Trusting someone. There’s that word again. Trust. One of the principles of Generation Press is ‘make more from less’. Thats exactly what we did. Its a wonderful thing. Its the right thing.


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Words by Paul Hewitt (Generation Press)

Less is More

When Build approached us to do a print project to run alongside the launch of their new website we were thrilled, tasked with a challenge, we were up for it! Working with Build is always a pleasure, always generous and encouraging us to have our say, express any ideas we might have.

Trust in us empowers the relationship, ownership of the work is handed over and everyone at GP knows Build will appreciate all our efforts. This leads to really incredible results, if there is a problem like a certain foil not working with a certain stock, a photo and a discussion with some alternative solutions soon has things rectified.

One of the things that’s so exciting about working with Build is trying to figure out where their ideas have come from… and understand where they are going. As we work through a project you start to see how ideas are all coming together, then without fail at the end of the project you just step back and go WOW, that is genius!


STOP PRESS: At the time of writing this we have just learnt we are finalists in the Digital Printer Awards: Environmental/sustainability company of the year. Not directly associated with this one project but does highlight the fact we are always striving for better!

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